The recipe for a healthy, productive team!

Discover worry-free, zero-waste healthy office food pantry options to keep your employees shining their brightest and performing their best

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There when you need us

You can always count on KIWI to restock your pantry before the food runs out, based on your schedule and needs

Always stockedAlways fresh

Good. Food.

KIWI is on a mission to only provide sustainable products from vetted suppliers that have an ethical supply chain, use high-quality ingredients and offer snacks that taste great and are good for your team and the planet.

HealthyQuality ingredients

All taste, no waste

Never store products or have individually packaged snacks again. All our food arrives in bulk and is packaging-free to minimize waste – and we maximize our eco offering by taking care of your compost, too.

Bulk productsCompost management

Supply and delicious

We get to know your team’s eating habits to inform how we predict and supply the right amount of food. We figure out who likes soy milk, who likes skim and restock both before they run out – meaning less time and food wasted.

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